Armin’s quest to acquire and share knowledge has led him to author many articles and lectures which have attracted attention world wide. Armin’s written works are in high demand.

Some of the articles were initially written for people in dog sports, but the information is equally valid for law enforcement and military K9 training. 

We are very pleased to make his materials available to visitors to Rivanna K9 Services.

Tracking Part One

Only the NOSE really KNOWS; a tracking perspective By Armin Winkler Tracking books, videos, articles, and seminars have one thing

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Tracking Part II

Part 1 of this article was a discussion of the fundamental concepts of tracking and teaching tracking. I’d like to

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The Shaped Retrieve

The Shaped Retrieve by Gunn Anita Winkler The concept of shaping isn’t always the most efficient way to teach or

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Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes By Armin Winkler The 2002 USA National SchH 3 Championship in Gadsden, Alabama set a record as the

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